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Monday, July 22, 2002

Has it really been more than a week since I last updated this? Let's see now, Sunday was mostly slept through -- never did make it out to another club on Sunday night, Monday was too wet to do much touristy stuff (although I did manage to get up the Fernsehenturm, or TV tower and have a sort of a view), Tuesday was "wander around Berlin taking pictures" before getting a night train to Amsterdam...

Amsterdam was her fine old temptressy self... Did a lot more walking, less shopping, saw some lovely tranquil places, took some pictures and managed to "fit in" (ha!) some Serious Drinking (via Hugh Shipman's guide book) and an extremely pleasant evening drinking with Martin Wisse...

Finally did the canal tour. More later perhaps, when I have pictures, but for now the verdict is "don't bother"!

The train journey to Amiens (land of the weirdest keyboards yet -- when you can find one at all) was sort of chunky, changing at Antwerp (where I may be returning this evening) and Lille, to progressively smaller and slower trains... High points here included the Somme battlefield tour (one of my original objectives) and (surprisingly for me) the Cathedral...


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