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Friday, July 05, 2002

Bloggers' Paradox
When there's lots of stuff going on, there's no time to update, and when there's time to update, there's usually not much worth saying.

Friday morning of a holiday weekend in Chotebor, a small town in the middle of the Czech Republic, and it's the second full day of the Eurocon. Before that, I spent some days going around Prague with a bunch of other foreign visitors to the con -- Prague's lovely, so I've changed my plans to include another few days there before I go to Berlin on Thursday (this should let me get in a riverboat trip, a visit to the witchcraft and alchemy museum and either find those Arcimboldo portraits or see the torture museum). Oh, and when I get back, I must try and find a decent translation of Jaroslav Hacek's The Good Soldier Schweik, and re-read Michael Scott Rohan's Maxie's Demon, which is partially set in the Prague of Rudolph II.

So, between Prague and Berlin? I've got from Tuesday (if I can get two nights in the hostel) until Thursday afternoon, so I suspect it'll be a two-jawed trip: Prague-Nuremburg-Berlin or Prague-Munich-Berlin, with at least one couchette train.


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