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Sunday, July 14, 2002

Damn! Blogger's just eaten about a page of update...

The weather broke in Prague shortly after I got back to the hostel, with a spectacular thunderstorm -- which seems to have covered most of central Europe. Got to Berlin fairly uneventfully, and crashed out quite early on Thursday before spending much of Friday trying to sort out phone batteries. Big mistake on Friday night: the club near the hostel was on, and I ended up staying until about five. Love Parade was still pretty amazing, though I ended up spending most of Saturday night sitting in a bar and chatting to folk.

It rained a little during Love Parade: seemed hard to tell it from the waterpistols at first, but when I got in this morning, it was coming down pretty heavily, and it's been a grey, wet day all day. Which isn't bad, as the cool helps.


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