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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Chilling in the heat
Still in Prague, and it's so hot that I've gone and had a haircut (not brilliant, not extreme, but it cost all of about three euros). Only problem is, I'm now overheated and itchy from the trimmings. Managed a little sightseeing the last few days, but the hostel has a pleasantly cool beer garden with interesting stuff into the small hours (although the new variant on the matchbox drinking game -- if the box lands in the ashtray, you get to buy a round -- probably wouldn't work in a country with western-style beer prices: a bottle of Staropramen is about 45p here).

Managed to find two appropriate English-language books (Schweik and Three Men on the Bummel, of which rather a lot of it reads rather true) and sat in a nice, cheap, air-conditioned beer cellar for a few hours with them.

I'm growing addicted to the local coffee -- forget espresso, this is turkish style, with a large spoonful of finely ground fresh coffee (or freshly ground fine coffee) in a glass of boiling water.


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