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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

According to this story in Silicon.com, Contractors will no longer be able to claim for travel...

Actually, I'm not sure that this really makes things worse than I thought they already were. As I understand it, when I started to do the contract thing, I was employed by a company (admittedly my own) that would send me off to work in various places, and would pay me a salary out of the money the client company paid it. This meant, for example, that my travel between Edinburgh and (say) London was a cost of doing business (or whatever they call it). Then the rules changed, and it looked as if my travel and accommodation when working away from Edinburgh were meant to come out of the money I was paid -- but if the ability to claim for travel has only just gone, then it looks as if I was wrong here. Time to talk to Nice Mr Accountant, I guess.


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