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Monday, March 18, 2002

A strange weekend - still lurgied on Friday (would have been a DJ post on that, but I wasn't up to it), so did minimal web-dinking, then a very quick beer before staggering off to Euston. Couldn't really face concept of bar, so bought a new paperback (not accessible at the moment, but it's about a modern journalist's quest to track down a mediaeval travel writer called John Mandeville, with special reference to how much of Mandeville's "Travels" were likely to have been genuine, as opposed to nicked from earlier travel writers, or simply made up out of whole cloth. I'll probably say more about this later, though).

Crashed out quite early on the train, drifted in and out of sleep until about Carstairs (where the Edinburgh and Glasgow ends of the train separate), and eventually made it home for about eightish.

What I should've done then was to crash out immediately, but there was computery stuff to deal with, and post (including a new Linux distro to play with: Lycoris aka Desktop/LX from the folk who used to be Redmond Linux - first impression, it's a bit sucky).

Large chunks of the rest of Saturday passed in a sort of haze, ending up with dozing in front of the television, and not making it out to see the midnight showing of Akira.

Sunday wasn't too brilliant, either - took the family for a meal (again, after a lot of mucking about trying to get things sorted - my subconscious definitely doesn't like packing for the return to London). Unfortunately the meal was a bit of a disaster - nothing ever quite bad enough to complain about, but far and away the least pleasant meal out we've had in a long time.

Back home, I managed to smash Rob's china ashtray from den Haag before going out for a pre-train drink with Charlie and Feorag.

Made it onto the train with plenty of time to spare, to discover that there was no bar. This was probably just as well, as I fell asleep within minutes of the train moving off, and didn't wake up until just before Euston.


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