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Saturday, October 06, 2001

Just begining to wake up about now -- off the sleeper at seven, back home and then spent vast chunks of the morning messing around with webby stuff (arranging some webspace for my nephew Sam got a little more complicated than I'd expected), doing a bit of newsreading (it's been Too Busy At Work) and setting myself up on livejournal as akicif.

Plans for the rest of the day? A meal out somewhere with whoever of the family's about, then maybe out to play for a while. That, or a quiet night in. It depends what's on, and who's about, I guess.

[memo to self: you're saying "I guess" far too often these days. That, and "'ey up" could well be affectations picked up dahn sahf...]

Chris O'Shea, gentleman, scholar, friend and landlord, now has a weblog at The Magician's Blog. It seems to be partially my fault, slightly, so I shall have to Do Better and Update More.

Oh, and the Plokta News Network seems to be back as a sort of fannish slashdot...


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