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Tuesday, June 05, 2001

Death of the Websafe Color Palette: Film at Eleven.

I'm not quite sure I believe everything in this article. In particular, I think the authors miss the difference between indexed colour maps and colour maps where the colour RGB values map directly to electron gun intensities -- but this might be because I'm behind the times.

They certainly miss one of the major problems with dithered colour: you can't tell where the browser is going to put each pixel, so you get quite horrid looking jaggy lines.

I've worked on sites where the colour scheme has come from a "print" style sheet (these were often sites where the original design was done in that well-known web development tool "Photoshop") and getting them to look good across a range of platforms and browsers was comparable to reaching absolute zero.

My conclusion: use what you want in jpegs of photographic-type images, but stick to the safe palette for text, background colours, and the gif/png files that make up your chrome...


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